Life They Say Are Snippets Of Moments – RMD Reveals How He Enjoyed The Company Of Osita Iheme


Veteran actor RMD has revealed how he enjoyed the company of comic actor Osita Iheme praising him over his uncanny sense of humor saying life is a snippet of moments shared with others.

Anyone who has watched a movie of Osita Iheme before can attest to the fact that he’s very funny and kills every role given him likewise is RMD hence just imagine having these two including AY Comedian in one movie.

RMD shared a snippet of their anticipated movie telling us how much he enjoyed working together with Osita Iheme talking about his uncanny sense of humor saying he truly enjoyed working with him and we can only imagine how funny he was.

The movie is slated for December 24th and from the snippets that they have shared it’s going to be very funny and interesting to watch especially having RMD, Osita Iheme, and AY Comedian all together doing their funny things.

Life they say, are snippets of moments!
I truly enjoyed working with this young man @ositalheme
Who by the way has an uncanny sense of humour.


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