Leave Your Change For Them– Young Man Begs Nigerians On Behalf Of Hawkers


A Nigerian man has started an online campaign aimed at getting people to leave their change with hawkers especially those who sell in traffic.

Drumming home his message on social media platform LinkedIn, the man Aliyu Muhammed expressed displeasure at the attitude of some Nigerians who he said are comfortable with giving money to corporate beggars but refuse to leave “small change for genuine hustlers.”

In his words; ”While in a public transport today, a woman on my row started begging people for financial assistance.

The man sitting directly in front of me dug hand in his wallet and gave her N500, then others followed, she eventually got over a thousand naira within that short period.

Not long after that, the same man that gave this woman N500 then wanted to buy a bottled water, and the hawker had to run to catch up with us because the man wanted to give him N100 and he had to collect his N50 change first before handing him the N100.

The scenario touched me!


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