If You Don’t Have The Mind To Spend, You Can’t Run A Label – Don Jazzy Says (Video)


Mavin Record boss Don Jazzy has advised those planning to venture into running a record label not to go into it if they don’t have the mind to spend their own money without getting it back soon or not at all.

Don Jazzy is one of the best label bosses Nigeria has and talking from experience, he has disclosed that if you are not the type ready to spend without looking forward to having it anytime soon or sometimes won’t get it at all, don’t own a record label that will sign artists.

According to what Don Jazzy said in his interview, if you are not someone who loves spending and doesn’t expect to get what you spend back, you can’t run a record label because mostly you have to spend on your artists to make them one of the best but might not get back what you spent on them in time.

Therefore, based on his experience as a record label owner whose label will be 10yrs next year, you should be someone who loves to spend before you can run a record label because it’s not like other businesses where you will receive your return in time and profits as well.

Running a record label requires a lot of patience and dedication because only with that will you be able to work efficiently by spending more and not expecting the returns any time soon.


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