Lyta’s Baby Mama Kemi Excited As Her Dreams Of Gerting A New House Come True


Lyta’s baby mama Kemi is full of excitement as her dreams of getting a house by the end of the year comes to pass as she has been able to buy herself a new house and her son now has his own room.

Kemi shared a glimpse of her new home saying she prayed for a family home this year and God has granted her that even though she thought it wouldn’t have come to pass since the year is almost coming to an end.

According to her, she really prayed for a family home this year and God granted it for her last minute in the most unexpected way as she didn’t think she would get her wish this year any longer but God came through for her.

Kemi sounds so excited that she has been able to get the family house she prayed for and also in the unexpected way and now her son has his own room asking who wants to come over to her new home.

How Kemi was able to get her dream house isn’t known but saying she got it the unexpected way means she never thought or imagined herself getting a new home this year but as usual, God came through for her and now she has a new family house.

Screenshot below;


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