Anita Joseph Chides Those Who Use Good AM, AF, PM To Greet – Says It’s Disrespectful To Do That


Actress Anita Joseph has chide those who have been using ‘good AM, AF, PM’ when they want to greet especially on WhatsApp or any other social media platforms saying it’s disrespectful to do that.

Anita Joseph in a video reprimanded those who have been doing that and not greeting fully asking them to be greeting her fully as that was how she was brought up and they can see her as old school but that’s how she sees it.

Anita Joseph then asked those who have been doing that to take responsibility and start greeting people fully because to her, it’s disrespectful to use such short hands to greet her and that is why she doesn’t reply most people that greet her with that most of the time.

Such greeting are mostly used on WhatsApp and also among close friends and relatives which means those who greet Anita Joseph see themselves as her close friends and some might be relatives she’s really cool with but today she has made them all understand that she’s isn’t pleased with that and wishes to be greeted fully whenever they want to greet her.

Since she wasn’t brought up in such manner and sees it to be disrespectful, Anita Joseph has asked those who have been greeting her like that to be responsible and greet her fully because that is what she deems fit to be greeting and not the ones they’ve been sending her.


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