Jim Iyke Shares How Money Can Buy You Happiness Contrary To What We Know – Video


Actor Jim Iyke has shared with us how money can buy us happiness contrary to the popular saying money can’t buy you happiness that we all know and have been saying.

Jim Iyke arrived in Ghana a few days ago to join the Stars In Worship program that went on at Madina and we were privileged for him to share his thoughts about money with us telling us how it can make us happy.

According to Jim Iyke, a friend of his made him understand that money is the 6th sense that gives you better use of the other 5 senses and even though he didn’t elaborate on that we believe he was trying to make us understand money does almost everything in the life of humans.

He then added that another person made him understand that money can buy you happiness when you know how to give it out at a program where most of them were of the notion that money can’t buy you happiness.

From what Jim Iyke said, when you have money, it can buy you happiness only if you know how to give it away and we believe giving it away the right way by helping those in need and the work of the Lord is what he means by giving it away.


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