Sylvester’s Life Cannot Be In Vain – Mercy Johnson Adds Her Voice To Seek Justice For The Young Boy Killed


Mercy Johnson has added her voice to seek justice for Sylvester the young boy who died after allegedly having bruises from a football match with his colleagues at Dowen College.

A video of the young boy in pain and agony before his death hit the net and almost everyone is speaking against such asking what really happened as they never bought the idea of being injured through a football match seeking justice for him.

Mercy Johnson posted sympathizing with the family of 12yrs old Sylvester who died saying she has never seen such pain and agony before and there are no words that can bring him back or take away the agony he faced and what his family is going through.

According to Mercy Johnson, she could not bring herself to post the video as she can’t imagine the pain he felt, and his life cannot be in vain and he cannot go like that asking the PTA of the school to find out what happened in their children’s school.

Mercy Johnson then added that the truth must come out and after it comes out, they must make sure justice is done and though that will not bring back 12yrs old Sylvester, it will be of help to those who might face the same situation and give his family some comfort.

I could not bring myself to post the video, I haven’t even been able to watch it twice.

I can’t imagine the pain this child felt, I cannot imagine. Sylvester’s life cannot be in vain, he cannot go like that.


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