Mr Macaroni Gives Update On Cute Abiola Following Weeks In Navy Custody


Famous Nigerian comedian Mr Macaroni has made some revelations about his friend and colleague, Cute Abiola who now founds himself in the grasp of the Nigerian Navy.

It is no news that Cute Abiola born Abdulgafar Ahmad Oluwatoyin was apprehended by the security agency for violating and breaching the social media policy of Armed Forces of Nigeria.

According to the Navy, the situation needs to be addressed strictly because it is an administrative one.

Following weeks in prison, Mr Macaroni came to Twitter to respond to numerous questions about the internet comedian’s condition, stating that he is still in custody and can only be seen by his wife and mother.

Macaroni went on to say that he doesn’t want to say much about Cute Abiola’s case because he doesn’t want his words to be misconstrued.

He wrote:

“A lot of people have been asking me about Cute Abiola. I don’t have much information as only his Wife and Mother are allowed to see him. And I do not want to speak much on the matter so that my statement isn’t taken in bad faith. But last I checked he is still in custody.

His wife told me personally that she and his mom are granted access to see him. The Nigerian Navy has said that he is in custody for breaching some codes and refusing to obey order. As a military officer, he is answerable to their command and under their jurisdiction.

This isn’t a new thing in the Military. But as a public figure, Cute Abiola has millions of followers worldwide hence the reason for the consistent concern from his fans and friends.
We can only continue to send our best wishes to him.”


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