Children Should Be Precious To Every One Of Us – Rita Dominic Reacts To The Death Of Sylvester


Actress Rita Dominic has advised us all that children should be precious to each and every one of us using the disheartening case of 12yrs old Sylvester as an example while sharing her view.

Everyone who chances on the video of the agony and pain 12yrs old Sylvester was subjected to before his untimely death speaks against whatever happened and call for justice for the one boy while others use it as advice to us all.

Rita Dominic tweeted that a little kindness and transparency go a long way and children should be precious to each and every one of us as she prays for Sylvester Oromoni Jnr. to rest in peace even though his death is a sad one.

Being kind and transparent goes a long way indeed as we won’t have woken up to this disheartening news of Sylvester if the people who did that to him were kind and the school was transparent but unfortunately none of that can be said about it.

Every single child needs to be precious to us all whether he/she is yours or not or from your family or not because you know not what you might have prevented if you are to take every child so precious like your own child and in this case, Sylvester didn’t get it that way.

It’s true the whole issue surrounding the death of Sylvester is heartbreaking and sad but as Rita Dominic rightly said, a little kindness and transparency will go a long way to help and when every child is precious to you, a lot of things can be prevented.

screenshot below;


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