Stop Harrassing And Fighting Wives Over Properties You Didn’t Work For – Laura Ikeji To In-laws


Businesswoman Laura Ikeji has advised in-laws who have been harassing and fighting wives over properties they never worked for just because their husbands are no more to put a stop to that.

Laura Ikeji reacting to how some women are stripped of every single thing they worked for with their husbands after the death of their husbands advised in-laws who have been fighting and harassing wives over properties they never worked for to put a stop to that.

According to Laura Ikeji, in the absence of the husband, the next in line of properties is tge wife and the children and not in-laws asking husbands to tell their wives almost everything and stop hiding certain information and let her have certain documents.

Laura Ikeji added that if possible husbands should make their wives the vice president of their company even if she doesn’t want to work because these wives need to be protected and nobody is praying for anything bad but she’s tired of hearing in-laws taking things they didn’t work for.

Laura Ikeji is right as it’s about time these in-laws realize and understand that their son worked for whatever he has that they are fighting for with his wife hence she also deserves to have it and enjoy life with her children and not always taking everything away from them leaving them penniless.

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