Surrendered Boko Haram Memebers Allegedly Riot Over Cow Meat In Maiduguri


On Wednesday, November 17, hundreds of captured Boko Haram fighters housed in a camp reportedly rioted over cow meat.

The protesting jihadists, who have been in the camp since August, demanded that authorities give them the cow they are given daily to kill themselves instead of beef from the abattoir, according to the Guardian.

“People living in the area came out with locally made weapons and vowed to kill any one of the protesters who stepped out of the camp. The people still see them as a security threat,” said Konto Garga, a member of an anti-jihadist militia that helps the army

Usman Bunu, a member of the neighborhood where the surrendered terrorists are being housed, stated that locals don’t believe the surrendered jihadists are honest, and that the protest simply reaffirmed their views.

“They still consider anyone not in their fold as an infidel, which is why they want to be allowed to slaughter their cow themselves. Had they come out of the camp we would not have hesitated in finishing them all because we know how dangerous they are” he said

The riot was put down by the threat of armed citizens and the reinforcement of security staff, and the inmates were allowed to return to their quarters.

The incident is the second at the camp, with a similar one taking place in September over the same demand, according to militia leader Babakura Kolo. According to Kolo, the Boko Haram convicts have been rebellious since they arrived in the camp, often arguing with his guards and accusing them of staring at their wives.

“They still have Boko Haram mentality and openly insult our men as agents of the infidel government,” Kolo said.

There hasn’t been any comment from the Nigerian army.


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