AY Comedian And Ramsey Noah Serving Us With Their Forever Young Handsomeness


Comic actor AY Comedian and legendary actor Ramsey Noah has come through with their forever young drip serving us with tip of their handsomeness in recent photos while trying to engage fans.

AY Comedian shared the photo of himself with Ramsey Noah looking handsome with their lovely pose asking his fans to give them a caption for a movie and we suspect they have been cooking something for us.

AY Comedian and Ramsey Noah are both above 50yrs but do not look it as they have refused to grow and this photo of them dripping on us with their handsomeness despite their age is just lovely and almost everyone who sees it might fall in love with it.

These two on a movie means it’s going to be a blockbuster and we can’t wait to see what they’ve been cooking for us and though some fans and colleagues reacted giving them caption, most of them were talking about how good they are together.

AY Comedian tagged themselves as Guinness world record holders and we believe they can pass as one since they have refused to grow and don’t look their age as well as behave like one as they think they are still young just as they were in their youthful days.


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