Oye Kyme Shades The Richest Girl In Lagos Bobrisky As She’s Yet To Donate To Davido


Bobrisky’s former PA Oye Kyme has thrown some subtle shade at her since she’s yet to donate to Davido despite bragging of being the richest girl in Lagos and claiming to love Davido for his personality.

Bobrisky has said in one of her posts that she loves Davido and likes his personality even though she hasn’t met him before and a lot of people were expecting to see her send something to Davido as a birthday gift since she’s the richest girl in Lagos but she’s yet to do any of that.

Her former PA Oye Kyme reacting to that has shaded her saying the richest girl of Lagos haven’t shown any sign since morning indirectly claiming she might be waiting for everyone to send their money before she sends her own.

Oye Kyme then claimed she was going to send Davido 3M and her donation is what is going to break the internet and we waiting for her and her former boss to see what they can do to break the internet this time around.

Oye Kyme in a previous post claimed she will be flying to Nigeria to ask for forgiveness from her former boss Bobrisky but is still adding insult to injury by shading her with this recent post.

Screenshot below;


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