”The Money You Have Could Not Change Your Life, What Does The Church Need It For”? – Apostle Suleiman Berates People Who Promise Never To Offer Money In Church


Apostle Johnson Suleiman, Senior Pastor of Omega Fire Ministries, has chastised Christians who have vowed never to give their money to the church.

‘That is why I will not give my money to church again.’ The money that did not change your life, what does the church need it for? Money you had that could not change your life, keep it keep it.”

The clergyman also reacted to comments by those that say religion has made Nigeria poor.

”I hear people say religion has made Nigeria poor. Which religion? Religion is not leadership. The problem of Nigeria is bad leadership. Not church.

You see a group of Christians praying and the next thing they carry it on social media saying ‘Look at that, Nigeria is praying and we are still poor. Does China pray like this? Don’t try to talk down prayer and bring a point that is very very irritating and does not even tally”

He also came at people who say Elon Musk is rich although he is not paying tithe.

”Oh look at Elon Musk, he is rich. Does he pay tithe? Do you know the charity those men give? Bill Gates the other time went to Kano and gave billions of dollars for polio. That’s worth more than the whole churches in Nigeria put together. Everybody has what they believe in. Leave people to believe in Jesus.

You don’t want to know those multibillionaires around the world what they do. The investment, the giving that comes out of them. How to support institutions. Jeff Bezos came back from the space the other day and gave CNN reporters N100 million each. Is that not a tithe?” he said

He posited that such people who were lamenting about giving their money to the church have contributed to the restoration of peace in the church. He urged them to keep the monies that couldn’t even change their lives.

The clergyman recently said when preaching in his church:

”Since you stopped coming to church there is peace. You were coming to church there was no peace. Even the Prince of Peace was looking for peace. Now you stopped coming to church there is peace. So stay in your house.


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