Paul Okoye (Rudeboy) Celebrates His Brother Peter Okoye And Wife On Their 8th Wedding Anniversary


Paul Okoye, Rudeboy has celebrated his twin brother Peter Okoye and his wife Lola on their 8th wedding anniversary a few days after settling their family feud proving that they are okay now.

Rudeboy unfollowed his brother Peter Okoye when they had their misunderstanding but a few days ago, the two brothers hatched their differences and became brothers again where Rudeboy followed his twin brother again and he was also spotted with his kids.

Today is the 8th wedding anniversary of Peter Okoye and his wife Lola Omotayo and Rudeboy has taken to his InstaStory to celebrate them wishing them a happy wedding anniversary and that makes it his first post about his brother after reconciling with him.

It’s a good thing to see that they are back together as brothers even if not as music duo as what most of us wanted is for them to bury whatever issues they had between them and that is exactly what they have done.

Peter Okoye was seen enjoying with the kids of Rudeboy and today he has celebrated him and his wife on their wedding anniversary, we pray this love between them never fades away.

Screenshot below;


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