Founder Of CHAfrica Tech Apologizes After Being Called Out For Luring Ladies


Founder of CHAfrica Tech, Chizom has apologized after being called out for luring ladies.

Many people made tweets about the activities of the Samsung developer award winner who is married.

Feeling the heat, he took to his personal handle and apologized saying;

“I am broken at the events I have caused. This hurts me that I have hurt a lot of people and my sponsors. Twitter has helped me grow, learn, be impacted and help to contribute to others. I am deeply sorry because this hurts me that I messed up as a Husband, friend, creator, and leader. I deeply regret my actions and take full responsibility of these actions. I learn everyday and make mistakes. I will do better. I promise. Forgive me.

I have never asked for sex in exchange of my tech service. That information is false.”


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