Simi Not Taking It Easy On An Air Host Who Faked ‘Aww’ Her Daughter Deja In A Flight


Songstress Simi has vented her anger on an air host who faked aww her daughter Deja during a flight asking him to take away his fake aww and we wonder how she knew the aww was fake in the first place.

Simi tweeted lamenting and asking whether it’s by force to say aww for her baby as this air host did to her daughter Deja that she was able to detect it was a fake aww asking him to go away with his fake aww.

According to Simi, she didn’t greet the air host neither did Deja greet him so why did he fake aww her baby asking whether it’s by fore to say aww for her baby telling him to thank God that she’s working on herself if not he would have heard from her.

Simi then added that the air host said bye to them and it was a sweet one and for that reason, she has forgiven him for fake awwing her daughter Deja and we are still surprised as to how Simi got to know that the aww was fake in the first place.

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It’s obvious she’s trying to vent her anger on the air host and find trouble where there isn’t any trouble because there’s no way someone could fake aww your daughter for it to turn into an issue that you have to lament over on social media.

This air host guy really did one fake aww for Deja. Is it by force to say aw for baby. I did not greet you. She did not greet you. Why you fake aww my baby. God save you that I’m working on myself. Ko ko aw buruku danu.

screenshot below;


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