If You Date A Girl With Strict Parents, You’ll Be Sure She Won’t Cheat On You – Lady Tells Men


A Nigerian lady has argued that ladies who come from a strict background in terms of parenting make the best lovers in a relationship as they hardly cheat.

Identified as Gracie, the young woman emphasized that dating such a girl would guarantee zero tolerance for infidelity which ultimately secures the relationship to a large extent.

Her tweet reads; ”Date girls who have strict parents at least you will be sure she’s not cheating.”

….. attracted divergent views from other social media and samples have been shared below;

@alexlobaloba said; It will shock you.

@scad_official; Church girls are more wild

@DonjDonatus; Na them dey cheat pass…. They b like… Omo… If I come out again eh… I’ll go see all these guys I’ve been chatting with on the phone,i n my room.. ND u sef (boyfriend) follow for the guys. So.. If u call am.. Dey reason to see, Aunty go post u Cos she is busy

@MayadotNG; Those one with strict parent, A little freedom where them get to go out. A case, Amaka the cheerleader with the Basketball team

@A_deoye; My own is… Why do people always feel they can beat the one their partner is cheating with?.(both men and women). Why you feel say you get power pass am?

@Cassie_Chidiogo; I laugh in Madagascar, I remember Deborah those years.. My dear, most of them are worse. I have seen many.. Besides, cheating is a personal thing.

@sdungulu94; But cheating has nothing to do with strict parents.. if she wants to cheat she’ll do exactly that.


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