`If You Are Pregnant And You Dreamt About Shoe, Then The Man Responsible Is About To Run Away’– Lady Tells Pregnant Women


A Nigerian lady has sparked a debate on social media after taking up the role of a dream interpreter.ADVERTISEMENT

The lady who identifies herself as Gift made a revelation about dreams and in her post she disclosed that when a pregnant woman dreams and the dream is about shoe, she must know that the person who impregnated her has plans of dumping her.

Therefore, her interpretation is meant to sound a word of caution to expectant mothers to take a course of action when they have such dreams.

She wrote;

“If you’re pregnant and you dreamt about sho just know that the person responsible is about to run away ”

According to her, she was looking for love and did everything because of love to the extent that she financed their wedding and paid for her own bride price yet still her husband left her after four months of their wedding.

She said she bought her engagement ring and gave her money because love is a very big thing for her but she has realized that having a wedding is not a solution for the issues you have in life especially marriage.



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