Actress Moyo Lawal Reveals Reason Why She Lost Many Suitors


Nollywood actress Moyo Lawal has opened up on her relationships and also the reason why she has lost a lot of suitors.

Recently, Moyo Lawal granted a new interview with the Sun where she talked about his life and how opinion on sex before marriage. She replied by saying that sex before marriage is a sin and can’t continue to sin.

In a new post sighted on the Instagram page of the actress, she has disclosed that she has lost many suitors because she denied them sex. Moyo says she had to let go of a lot of relationships because most of the men only date her for sex.

“Am curious….indulge me…Is it possible for a man to follow in love with a woman without xxx? Like we are talking this generation ohhhh not our parent’s generation…..”.

*I’m * … Possible?? 🙈because the number of suitors who left because I refused eeeh … (oh and they blamed me for not allowing the relationship progress🙄lik how after waiting just for a few months oooh 🙄) but anyways if you can’t beat them… you ?? …. But wait ooh … I just realized it is possible, had a few relationships that lasted without 🙈but I wasn’t ready … life oooh 🤣🤣”.

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