Toyin Abraham Reaches Out To Family Members Of The Victims Of Ikoyi Collapsed Building


Actress Toyin Abraham has said a prayer for the family members of the victims of the Ikoyi collapsed building giving them hope that God knows best and He will do the best.

The 21 story building collapsed a few days ago and some people have been hospitalized others were found dead and some are even still trapped in the collapsed building and Toyin Abraham reacting to that said a prayer for the family members in these trying times.

According to Toyin Abraham, hearing the news of the Ikoyi collapsed building made her sad, and reading about the death and injuries was even saddening but nothing prepared her for the videos of the family members she saw.

Toyin Abraham disclosed that her heart bled asking how do you tell these people to have hope when the days and time are going by and yet no news about their family members who became victims of this unfortunate incident.

She then reached out to the family members of the victims of the Ikoyi collapsed building telling them they are not alone in this situation and that God is with them as well as their best wishes and prayers, praying that they have the strength to pull through this critical moment in their lives.

I have been praying for strength for the family and life for the trapped victims.
Please dear family members, I want you to know that you are not alone. God is with you and our best wishes and prayers are for you. We sincerely pray that at this critical time, you will find strength, hope and courage to be strong for the victims gone, those in hospital and those still trapped.


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