Show Me The Votes And Let Me Know I Did Not Win- Tayo Faniran


It’s has been seven (7) years since Tayo Faniran lost the Big Brother Africa (BBA) Season 9 edition to Tanzanian actor, Idris Sultan but he still hours resentment towards the organizers for the daylight robbery they visited on him.

Tayo has recently opened up about his grievances about his loss saying he was totally cheated and he’s still haunted by his failure to win the prestigious event despite being a clear favorite. H argued that in any case, MultiChoice should have shown him the votes in order to convince him.

The actor told the Punch; “The reason I am speaking up now is because I was shut up then. But what happened to me at the finale did not go away. Every day I meet fans of mine that I have never met before and when they see me, they complain to me.

MultiChoice ought to have made me know at that time why I failed. Show me the votes and let me know I did not win because I did not get enough votes. But there was no proof of that nature. The pain hasn’t left me. I spoke to free myself, not because I wanted to fight. Not because I want to be against the brand, MultiChoice. I don’t feel good about the treatment I got at that time.”

The proud father of one, also said those criticising him for speaking up do not understand what he went through.

“They are not in my shoes, I know they don’t feel my pain so I am not hurt. My prayer for them is that they will not experience what I experienced. If some of them are adamant and they want to remain wicked and bitter for nothing without being strategic with their thinking, then they will also experience it. In fact, if they don’t experience it, maybe one day, someone will rob their children of what they rightfully deserve and they will feel the pain. Some of them have said things like he should move forward, I never stopped.

For two years I was in a psychological coma, real pain. During the two years, I was PayPorte brand ambassador, I was doing things. After the show, I was still making money. I got a house in Lekki, got a Range Rover. So I was never stuck,” he said.


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