Bayelsa Youths Condemn Media Trial Of Diezani Allison-Madueke


Bayelsa Youths has condemned the media trial of former Minister Of Petroleum Resources Diezani Allison-Madueke.

 Bayelsa Youth Association (BYA) described the attempts to try former Minister, Diezani Allison-Madueke, in the media as an attempt to bring her to unjust public ridicule.

The youths condemned this in a statement titled “Diezani Allison-Madueke: Bayelsa Youths Frown Against Media Trial of Former Minister A blackmail and Selective Vindication” and signed by their President, Doupere Precious.

Precious argued that the Federal Government of Nigeria should rather take her to court and secure a conviction rather than drag her name in the mud at will to distract the Nigerian Public.

Reacting to the display of the exorbitant items including underwear seized from the house of the former Minister, the BYF President stated that it is against African norms and traditions to display the underwear of a married woman in public in the manner the government is going about the current auction.

He added that having been an Executive Director in Shell Nigeria and Minister into three different Federal Ministries in Eight Years, Diezani can easily afford the underwear and other items that are being displayed in public even though she has not been convicted by any Court home and abroad.

The statement read further read:

“Diezani became minister of petroleum, she was appointed as the executive director of shell in 2006, the first woman to attain that position in shell from Nigeria, ordinary she could afford her welfare, houses of her choice and luxuries of life.

“She was one time minister of transport in the year 2007, later became minister of mines and steel before she became minister of petroleum.

“It’s an Insult to Bayelsans and the pride of our women for the federal government to auction private wears of our own, bring her to global ridicule.”

Precious added that the withdrawal of the government from the underwear of other female ministers on trial “that are from the North goes to show the selective nature, winch sic hunt and obsession this Government has towards Mrs Madukwe.”

The President further wrote, “Bayelsa Youths Association therefore caution this Government to desist forthwith from its nepotistic trials otherwise it will drag the region into unrest given this kind of open day selective winch *sic*hunt by the Cabal in Aso rock.”


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