DSS Brought 3 Herbalists, Killed 5 Cats, Thinking Igboho Transformed Into A Cat During Midnight Raid – Freed Aide, Ademola Says


One of the aides of Yoruba Nation agitator, Sunday Igboho, Onaolapo Ademola has opened up about the event that happened on a fateful day that the DSS stormed the house of Sunday Igboho.

Ademola was among the 12 associates who were recently released on bail from the confines of the Department of State Services after spending months in detention .

Ademola was engaged in an interview with The Punch where he highlited some key occurences on the fateful day, midnight of July 1, 2021, and how Igboho was able to protect himself from the bullets fired at him by the DSS.

Below are excerpts of the interview culled from the Punch.

As an eyewitness to the event of that midnight, exactly how many people died?

Two people died – Alfa and Adogan.

How many of you were arrested?

They arrested 22 people; 12 males and 10 females. When we got to Ekiti at the entrance of the DSS office, they freed nine of the ladies, after asking everyone, ‘Who is Lady K?’ So, they only took Lady K with the men to Abuja. Out of the 12 men, one of us was a police officer, an escort of Adogan. The officer was not paraded in Abuja. Instead, 12 of us, including Lady K, were paraded.

Has the officer been released?

Yes, he was released before us.

There were reports that the DSS picked up some cats found in Igboho’s house, CCTV brain box, among other things. What are the things the DSS took from Igboho’s house that night?

They took gold, money, our phones which are still with them. They went away with the CCTV, and one of the cats after killing about four or five cats. They went away with a big MP3; they went away with a lot of things. They went away with the cat, believing Chief Sunday Igboho turned to the cat.

The DSS also claimed in a statement that they recovered some guns and ammunition from Igboho’s house that night. How true is this?

They (the DSS) are in a better position to explain where they got that from. But there was a police officer in the house and he had a gun, maybe they took the gun of the police officer.

Was Igboho at home during the raid?

Yes, he was at home. The DSS saw him; they can’t deny that because that night, they came with three herbalists. After shooting at so many corners of the house, all of a sudden they couldn’t see him again, so they believed he was hiding, not knowing he was in the building. Chief Igboho is not an ordinary man; he is the Akoni Oodua of Yorubaland and a real son of Oduduwa.

When the DSS could not find him, they brought in their herbalists and they started chanting incantations wanting him to come back. The herbalists later told the DSS that Baba (Igboho) had turned to a cat. That was when they started killing the cats. I believe they know he has metaphysical powers, that was why they came in with herbalists to get him at all costs but God was not ready to put his life in the hands of the DSS.

How did you recognise the ‘herbalists’; were they donning amulets and charms?

They wore ordinary clothes, not traditional attire but when the DSS could not find Chief Sunday Igboho, they called them in and the herbalists started chanting incantations.


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