BREAKING: EndSARS Protesters Storm Abuja, March to National Assembly


The memorial EndSARS protest that is spreading across Nigeria has taken a drastic turn in Abuja Protesters were seen on Wednesday, October 20, at the Unity Fountain, Abuja where they converged before the procession With placards, the protesters marched on the streets of the FCT before proceeding to the National Assembly

EndSARS protesters in their numbers proceeded to the streets of Abuja on Wednesday, October 20, to begin the first anniversary of the protest which began in October 2020. The protesters were said to have converged at Unity Fountain, in the Federal Capital Territory before marching to the streets, Daily Trust reports.

The procession is heading to the National Assembly , Among those who addressed the placard-wielding protesters were Omoleye Sowore, the publisher of Sahara Reporters, The Nation added.

After the address, the protesters began their procession heading to the National Assembly.

Abisola, as his duty demands, was at the scene doing a live video of the situations around the toll gate following information of a planned protest to mark the first anniversary of the EndSARS march.

However, officers asked journalists to put their tags on their chest and when he was about to do that, they seized some of his items and dragged him into their van.

Speaking with other journalists who were covering the development, Alawode disclosed that he cannot see properly with one of his eyes because he was beaten in the patrol van.


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