Know Your Boundaries – Self Acclaimed Only Wife Of Wizkid Warns His Baby Mama Jada P


A self-acclaimed only wife of Wizkid has warned his baby mama and manager Jada P to know her boundaries and stop seeing herself as the woman of Wizkid as she’s only a manager.

Jada P on different occasions has referred to Wizkid as her man painting the picture that she’s having a romantic relationship with him aside from the fact that she’s his manager even though Wizkid has referred to himself as a single father.

This lady who claims to be the only wife of Wizkid shared a post thanking Jada P for understanding the assignment as the manager of the Wizkid and doing what she’s supposed to do but she should have a chill and just doing the good job.

She then warned her saying that she’s not trying to be rude to her buy then she should know her boundaries and not overstep it by thinking that she’s the woman of Wizkid when she’s actually not.

The lady actually has a point but it’s not supposed to come from her since she’s just a die-hard fan of Wizkid and hasn’t no right to tell Jada P to know her boundaries as she’s supposed to know that she’s the manager of Wizkid and doesn’t need to interfere it with personal relationship.

Screenshot below;


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