You Talk Against Oyedepo, I Chew You Raw – Pastor Ibiyeomie


Bishop David Ibiyeomie, the General Overseer of the Salvation Ministry, has has vowed to go after the naysayers of his spiritual father, Bishop David Oyedepo of Living Faith Church.

According to Bishop David Ibiyeomie, he is up to face anyone who unjustly criticises Bishop Oyedepo and the respect and love to Oyedepo is beyond a physical honour and lip service where some people sing fake praises to the man of God but talk behind his back.

He made the disclosure on Sunday during a service at the church’s headquarters, in Port Harcourt the Rivers State capital.

He said, “I have never gone physically before Oyedepo to do eye-service. I have never knelt down to greet him. I am not from there. That is their culture. Here, when we respect someone, it is from inside. You can lie down there in hypocrisy and after the person is gone, you stand up and say, “Oloshi ni e* (He is unfortunate person)

“Honour is not how you kneel down. Honour is a heart issue. It is more of the heart than physical display. You can lie down on the ground and have no honour. I’ve seen people who said they will die with Oyedepo and still turn around to abuse him.

“I honour him to a point that you can’t talk about him negatively where I am. You are not born to talk about him. I will chew you raw. Our heart is the part that connects us to the flow of prophetic blessings”.


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