Prince Kpopogri Deletes The Public Apology He Wrote To Jane Mena’s Husband After The Leaked Audio


The ex-boyfriend of Tonto Dikeh, Prince Kpokpogri has deleted the apology letter he wrote to the husband and parents of dancer Jane Mena after the leaked audio.

In that apology, Prince Kpokpogri swore to have never touched Jane Mena or have any carnal knowledge of her because she’s a married man but leaked audio has him claiming to have had so many different $3x styles with the dancer.

The audio has gone viral and netizens are dragging him and Jane Mena for making Tonto Dikeh look like a liar when she just posted warning Jane Mena to be careful because Prince Kpokpogri has some $3xtape of her.

A few hours after the leaked audio went viral, Prince Kpokpogri has run to delete the public apology he sent to the husband of Jane Mena and her parents and also disabling comments on his page so no one can drag or insult him.

This is a total disgrace to both Prince Kpokpogri and dancer Jane Mena who is a married woman as their efforts to deny the relationship they once had has been fruitless since every evidence provided points to the fact that they actually have something $3xually going on.

How can a married woman tell the man warming her bed that her husband hasn’t given her orgasm in 9yrs when she knows perfectly well that the person she’s involved with doesn’t know how to keep a secret.


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