Don’t Marry A Man You Cannot Respect – Dr. Abel Damina to Young Ladies


Nigerian pastor Dr. Abel Damina has advised young girls to marry a man they respect.

The founder and leader of Abel Damina Ministries and Power City International said this in a video shared on TikTok recently. In his admonishing, he said a woman should never enter into the institution of marriage with any man she would look down on.

According to him, any lady who wants to marry a man should study herself and know if she truly loves and respects the man before becoming his wife, adding that a family that lacks respect, lacks many things and will never last long.

In his words:

“A man you cannot respect, don’t marry him, the moment somebody says i want to marry you, as a woman, the first thing you ask yourself is ‘can i respect this man, can i submit to this man, can i call this guy my lord’, if inside you feel no, tell him to go, tell him because that marriage will not work.”


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