Comedian Bovi ‘Disgraces’ A Photographer Who Snapped Him At An Event Without His Permission


Comic actor Bovi has disgraced a photographer who snapped him at an event without his permission and asking him to pay saying he also has a camera.

Of late, most photographers just go to events and take photos of prominent people without their concern and then request them to pay for the picture and have it whether they like it or not and that is what happened to Bovi.

In a video sighted online, this photographer was seen giving Bovi a picture of himself asking him to pay for it and have it but the comedian didn’t give in but rather disgraced the photographer saying he also has a camera and can snap himself.

Comedian Bovi then told the photographer that he hasn’t sent any of them to take a shot of him and moreover he has his own camera and can take some good pictures if indeed he wanted to and not to be imposed on him.

People today hardly use the services of photographers at events as thanks to their phones and mini cameras, they can snap themselves hence they now move from events to events snapping people and imposing it on them.

But Bovi never gave them what they wanted rather he disgraced them by ignoring them saying he didn’t send them in the first place and moreover he has a camera of his own, they were seen shying away when they realized someone was filming them.


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