Why I’m Still Unmarried – Reality TV Star, Lilian Afegbai Opens Up


Reality TV star, and actress, Lilian Afegbai has revealed why up until now she still has not settled down in marriage.

Speaking to Saturday Beats in an interview monitored by Theinfong.com, Lilian Afegbai intimated that her fear of getting married is because her generation does not take marriage seriously like the days of yore.

According to her,

“I do not look at people’s marriages or people’s lives. I believe in individuality, I believe that people should not look at people’s lives to judge others. It does not make sense. But naturally, I have a fear of marriage.

“My cold feet have nothing to do with the Internet. I am now learning to draw close to God. I have the mentality that as a Christian, I will enjoy the good of everything. It means that if I get married, by God’s grace, my marriage will work out. But it still does not mean I do not have cold feet.

“I am at the point where I leave everything to God. I love family, I love kids, I want an amazing husband. But at the end of the day, I want what God wants for me.

“I have my cold feet because of the generation we are in now. This generation does not take marriage seriously as before. We don’t understand what marriage is. So, it takes the grace of God to get there. Any little marriage issue this generation wants a divorce, but it is only normal to have issues in marriage.

“If not for the social media age, the settlement will be quicker. I am not saying one cannot leave when one is not happy. Of course, one can leave when it is affecting one’s peace of mind. I will not lose myself and happiness for love.

“I will only attract people who are comfortable with my lifestyle. However, I can compromise certain things that do not affect my peace for love.

“Imagine I meet a man who does not like me going out every day. I can reduce my going out for the sake of love but I won’t stop going out totally.”


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