We Have Started Paying For Breathing — U.K-based Socialite Alubankudi Laments Over High Taxation


A Nigerian socialite and businesswoman based in the UK, Asiyah Aisha Alubankudi has taken to social media to cry out over the high taxation in the country that is deflating their account balance.

Asiyah Aisha Alubankudi lamented that the government is taxing almost everything in the country and cited that they will even tax farting and will start paying tax for breathing in a white man’s land.

According to Asiyah, the average Nigerian doesn’t have £1000 in their savings and she attributed their good and glowing looks to the weather. She exclaimed that she is tired of the stress her finances are going through all because of the UK’s taxation.

See her post below;

See how some Nigerians on the platform reacted to his post.

Uk tax is nothing compared to the province of Quebec’s tax in Canada


a4autos wrote;

Watch everybody say “come back home nau” what majority of Nigerians living in Nigeria don’t realise is, living abroad is like a payment plan! You have to work round the clock to always meet it else🥴 You think if things where better back home these lots won’t? Trust me majority will! As Nigerians we are used to saving/raining days culture, but for abroad if you get 10% savings na grace! Until you are there, you will never believe what pple say and just see it as mere lies or discouragement!😅

Not having £1000 in savings?that’s a lie, except a person is a spend thrift or have immigration problems.


I’ll rather be taxed for breathing in Uk, than dodging stray bullet, kidnappers, Police, unknown gunmen in Nigeria



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