2Face Baby Mama Pero Disclosed Why Artists’ Family Tagged Her ‘First Wife’


It seems the feud about the Idibia Family isn’t ending anytime soon as more secrets and stories from each side keep dropping.

It would be recalled that Nigerians went haywire when the baby mama and 2Face were spotted in different videos stating that they were in Abuja, Nigeria. Many people thought it was no coincidence that the two arrive in Nigeria the same day.

In the early hours of yesterday, a video and other photos hit social media where the baby mama of 2Face was seen with some family members of the artist. In the video, the two women were heard calling Pero the first wife. The photos which were shared on social media were also tagged “the unmovable, unshakable first lady”. This caption got a lot of people talking.

Explaining the reason why the family members of 2Face called her “the first wife”, Pero replied in the interview she had with media personality Stella that she has no idea why they called her the first lady and also see nothing wrong with their visit because she has three kids for 2Face.

There is a viral video where two Ladies referred to you as Tuface’s first wife..

Those two Ladies in the video, one of them is Tuface’s cousin and they know the truth…they wonder why I have been on my lane and I keep getting dragged into Annies marital drama.::They are the only ones who can explain why they said what they said in the video. I am at peace with everyone. I have three kids for their brother so visiting me when I am in the Country should not be an issue or make headlines… I cannot answer why they made the video and posted it
I was upset at first but then I had to let go, I am a happy person and have no time to waste on the anger of any kind.


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