‘Why Do People Buy Expensive Phones & Still Spend So Much Doing Photoshoots?’ – Blessing Okoro Quizzes


Nigerian relationship coach, Blessing Okoro has asked an interesting question.
The question surrounds people who spend so much buying expensive phones and yet go ahead to spend more doing photoshoots.

She asked this question in a recent post she made on her verified social media handle on the popular social media platform, Instagram.

According to her, she doesn’t understand why after spending so much on phones, these same people spend so much on photoshoots.

….. she made reads;

“With an iPhone of over 1.5 million.
You still dey go do photo shoot everyday .
Some of u have not used these phones beyond Instagram and Facebook . Why spend so much money ? The money u are spending is for the powerful effects of the phones . If I ask many of you the features of ur iPhone and Android many of u don’t know 😂😂.
You just buy it because it’s expensive. Your phone can do so much than u can ever imagine use it and stop looking for who will hep u.”

Some reactions ….. got are;

finest_bosschick – I also feel most of them are insecure 🥴just few celebrities still post normal pictures!…they want to be so perfect..is not even about knowing how to use their phone ! 🤣is how they want to be perceived..^as perfect ^

dalascouture – Sorry but bitter truth is Celebrities enjoy most of all this things FREE of Charge from brands 🙌😂

stanlouiss – no cause bad market for photographers 😂

silentaire_lifestyle – A professional camera can never equal to a phone camera! Know this Know Peace.

_onome__06 – Why not snap with your phone n edit with your laptop😒😒 except it’s special occasions like pre wedding shoot,birthdays n all cause photography too need to eat ✌🏻

gossip_spot – Lol…. No allow recent bbnaija graduates and alumni see this post ó 😂😂😂😂😂

fashion_malca.ng – They love photo shoot cos most of their skin is bad and phone cnt give them the heavy filter they need to keep up😂🙆

myfamilypot_ – Most people don’t use their gadgets to its 100% capacity. They only know 25% of what it can do. This also applies to Laptops

dee_va_jay – Please someone should teach me how to take great pictures..I use IPhone 11pro max but seems I don’t know much about the features


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