“Uncleaned Kpekus Mixed With Another Man’s Akamu” – Ubi Franklin’s Ex-Girlfriend, Adesuwa Renee Dragged To Filth


Adesuwa Renee, the ex-girlfriend of a music executive, Ubi Franklin, has been dragged by Instagram blogger, Cutie Julls over allegations of cheating.


We reported earlier that Cutie Julls alleged that Adesua Renee milked Ubi Franklin of his money and used him as a medium to link up to very astute personalities and after using him for her gains, she dumped him.

Cutie Julls went further to drag Adesuwa Renee to filth and this time, in a report by Gistreel, she claimed Ubi Franklin told her that he always slips into depression after eating her ‘vajayjay’.

She wrote;

“Renee, your shame dey shame me. Abeg, who knows where dem dey sell shame. I want to buy one for Renee.

Ubi said he was always depressed after knacking you. Imagine knacking your babe and all you could smell was another man’s akamu.

Fia! Justice for Ubi’s nose. No wonder he felt ill few days after retuning from that trip. Fia! Renee send your address and let me send you fem fresh or Chilli.”


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