Ubi Franklin Allegedly Dumped By His Girlfriend Adesuwa After Chopping All His Money


Blogger cutie juls has disclosed that Ubi Franklin has been dumped by his girlfriend Adesewa Renee after chopping all his money just when he fell in love with her.

Recall the baby mama of Ubi Franklin, Sandra Iheuwa and one Adesuwa lady got into a fight on the gram just because of him, she’s the same lady that has dumped him after she got all that she wanted from him and more.

Per what the blogger wrote, Adesuwa was close to Ubi Franklin just because she needed connections and some other things from him but then he fell in love with her thinking he has finally found his Mrs. Right.

But Adesuwa broke his heart into pieces after ending things with him because he was madly in love with her and wanted to take things a bit further with her but then that love wasn’t reciprocated and it all ended in tears.

According to the blogger, Ubi Franklin was in a big mess and swore never to look the way of Adesuwa and it took the brother-in-law of the lady to save Ubi Franklin’s face among a few of his friends since he knew what she is capable of.

And this means the relationship that made Adesuwa and Sandra Iheuwa fought each other making Ubi Franklin fallen in love with her has ended bitterly and it will only take a miracle to bring these two back with what the blogger wrote.


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