Teni The No. 1 Stripper In Town – Shakes Her Big Nyash In Front Of Her Boys


Teni is indeed an entertainer and no one can actually be mad with her as she is always putting smiles on our faces and today, she has let us in on the new twerking steps.

Teni is the only female artist that moves along with boys hence basically does her things like a guy as she dresses like a guy and all that but today she allowed the girl in her to take over her dancing steps and showed how us how to twerk.

A video of her dancing and shaking her big nyash in front of her guys hit the net and they are all laughing at her shouting that her big nyash is shaking as she vigorously tries her best to twerk well and her dance steps we’re one in town.

Almost everyone tries to twerk by shaking their nyash without holding anything but Teni alone was twerking while holding a wall and that alone makes you burst out of laughter and the fact that the guys were laughing at her making fun of her that her big nyash is shaking will just make your day.

It appears Teni was on a mission to prove to her guys that she can twerk or shake her nyash like every other lady as she was trying her best to make sure her nyash is shaking but then not every lady is able to shake her nysah when dancing either big or small.

No matter how much you try to hate Teni, you can never hate her because you might probably chance on one of her funny videos and fall in love with her and her character like this particular video.


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