Reno Omokri Offers To Pay $50,000 To Lady Who Accused Him Of Making $3xual Advances If She Is Able To Prove It


Former presidential aide, Reno Omokri has taken to social media to challenge a lady known as barista Natasha Akpoti to provide some factual evidence against him against the claims she has made against him.

You could recall that the lady identified as barista Natasha Akpoti initially slid under the comment section of Reno and asked to be his sugar daddy.

Reno slammed the lady and made it known to her that he is not into side chics since he is a very committed man.

The lady rebutted and claimed that Reno attempted to make s3xual advance towards her in 2014 but she rejected him by giving him a fake name and fake number.

Reno however denied the allegations as he explained that he was out of Nigeria during the time the lady accused him. He offered to give the lady or anybody present at the occasion on that day to provide a photo or video evidence to show that he was physically present.  

Reno wrote: Many photos were taken at the State Banquet for Uhuru Kenyatta on May 6, 2014, both by the State House photographer and every media house in Nigeria. I hereby offer a $50,000 prize to anybody on Earth who can provide a photo of me at that event, and I give my word of honour that I will pay.

This money will also be paid out if even the photo you have is a mobile phone photo. Any type of photo at all.

I was a Presidential spokesman and chairs are ALWAYS reserved for us at the front with our names on it. Our table is usually one table away from the President, should he need to summon us at anytime.

Also, there are videos of the event. Channels, AIT, SilverbirdTV and other stations had video coverage that are still on their YouTube pages. Also, one or two prominent journalists would have been there. They should have sighted me physically with their eyes. Can they come out and testify in a sworn affidavit that they saw me at the event?

I have provided incontrovertible evidence that I was not in Nigeria during the days that President Uhuru Kenyatta visited Nigeria between May 4-7, 2014. Meanwhile, the person making the allegation has not provided one shred of evidence. Is it not he or she that alleges that should also prove?

Since the said Natasha H Akpoti, who made the allegation is from Kogi State, which is in the North, I will deposit the money with the Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria in the 19 Northern states.

A clear conscience fears no accusation. The truth is like a lion. You don’t have to defend the truth. You simply unleash and it will defend itself. I have unleashed it with $50,000 and I am waiting.

Natasha. Spell that name backwards. Ah-satan!

Thank you and may God bless you all.


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