Reno Omokri Replies Lady Who Called Him Out Over $3xual Advances – Shares Receipts To Prove She’s Lying


Reno Omokri has replied to the lady identified as Natasha who called him out over $3xual advances back in 2014 sharing receipts to prove she’s lying.

The lady in question reacting to a post of Reno Omokri denying to be a sugar daddy to a lady who was passing advances at him called him a hypocrite saying he made some advances towards her back in 2014 and today he’s trying to reject someone publicly.

The lady made it appear as if Reno Omokri doesn’t practice what he preaches online and he has replied to her with screenshots to prove she’s lying as at the time she mentioned he made those advances towards him, he wasn’t in the country.

Reno Omokri addressing the allegations of Natasha that he wanted to date her shared screenshots of his passport back in 2014 which proves he wasn’t in Nigeria neither was he at the event she claimed he was toasting her.

The dates on the passport gives the lady Natasha out because it clearly shows that Reno Omokri was no where in Nigeria April 2014 and he returned to Nigeria somewhere May hence there was no way he could be at the event.

Unfortunately for Natasha, she has nothing to prove that indeed Reno Omokri wanted to date her but Reno Omokri on the other hand has receipts to show that he wasn’t in Nigeria as at the time the lady was talking about.


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