Why You Should Never Date A Girl From Your Street- Instagram Influencer, Mama T To Married Men


Popular Nigerian Instagram influencer, Tuoyo Memuduaghan popularly known as Mama T of Warri has issued a warning to married men over their extramarital affair lifestyle.

Mama T said married men who are having side chicks in the same area where they live are making their wives a laughing stock and it is disrespectful to the wives.

According to her, the respect others have for them as married women reduces because their husbands chase young girls who also live on the same streets they also live and it is unacceptable hence they must stop that practice.

“The same issue I was discussing with my mom. My ex landlords daughter is practically dating all the married men in the street. And whenever any of the wives passes by she makes mockery of them. I’m so pissed at the level of disrespect these men cause their wives. But what do I know. 😢”


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