Why Is Tega The Only One Being Bullied And Backlash When She Got Involved With Boma?


BBNaija star Tega Dominic has been bullied and backlashed a lot after getting involved with Boma in the house and we wonder why she’s the only one who has been chastised when Boma was involved.

Tega and Boma went far with their situationship while in the house and since then netizens have been bullying and backlashing Tega because of what she did and leaving Boma alone as if she was the only one who supposedly had $3x with herself in the house.

The online bullying and backlash have made Tega Dominic deactivated her IG page and cut off her friends just to be on her own and yet others are still bullying her over what she did without saying a word to Boma the guy she got involved with.

Is this a clear indication of how society treats a married woman who gets involved with single men who are clearly aware they are married but still go-ahead to have a sexual relationship with them as it appears no one is bullying Boma the way they are bullying Tega?

Or could it be because Boma apologized and is now cool with the husband of Tega some netizens think the fact that he has apologized it’s okay to forgive him and if that is the case, what happened to the apology that Tega rendered along the line after realizing her mistake?

No one is perfect and we aren’t saying a married woman being involved with a single guy on national TV is right but all we’re saying is that Tega has been bullied and backlashed enough to know what she has done wasn’t right as it seems to be affecting her mind especially when the other party seems to be roaming about freely.


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