Not Everything You Think Is Real Is Real – Jada P Says Hours After Wizkid Claimed He’s A Single Father


The 3rd baby mama/manager of Wizkid, Jada P has claimed that not everything you think is real is real hours after Wizkid
claimed he’s a single father searching for a wife.

Wizkid contradicted a tweet of Jada P calling him her man in a recent tweet with his post of being a single father saying he could get his wife during his Made In Lagos tour looking at the women he sees and meet on a daily basis.

A few hours after that Wzikid‘s 3rd baby mama/manager Jada P has informed us that not everything we think is real is real and we wonder if she’s telling us that what Wizkid said about being a single father is not real.

According to Jada P, we should keep in our zone saying not everything we think is real is real, therefore, could that insinuate that Wizkid claiming to be a single father days after she called him her man is not real.

Wizkid and Jada P have mixed business with a personal relationship but do their job very well and even though they never claimed to be dating until some tweets Jada P made, some of us still think they need to define their relationship.

Now, they both are trying to play with our heads with one saying he’s a single father which means he has no romantic relationship with anyone and the other is saying not everything we think is real is real which means their relationship might be real and unreal.

screenshot below;


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