My Vision For Nigeria Is To See Women Prosper- Okorocha


Former governor of Imo State, Rochas Okorocha has disclosed his burning desire to see Nigeria become a united country with no political front.

Okorocha met with journalists in Abuja and had questions and answer sessions with them. He was quizzed if he has the ambition to run for presidency in the 2023 elections.

He intimated that the true ambition he has for Nigeria is to see women become great because a woman is first a man before becoming a woman.

Okorocha urged women to brace themselves and take roles that challenges them to leave their comfort zones.

“In his words: “I don’t have the ambition to be president but a vision to have a united Nigeria and that is driving me crazy.”

“African woman is so great but we treat her as if she is a second class citizen meant to serve the man but they don’t understand that a woman is first a man before becoming a woman,”

“A woman is an extra man; she should have been called a man but because she has a womb that is why she is called a woman.

“They see farther than we can see and they understand better. If all women are empowered and there is financial sustainability for women, we can’t have insurgency.

“Insurgency is as a result of children taken out of their mothers because she doesn’t have the resources to keep them. So, women must be given a place of importance and position. But what I understand is that women want to sit and beg for power. Power is not given, power is taken.

“Women must rise and if you don’t start contesting for president they will not give you a reason to run for governor.”


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