“Challenge Your Girlfriend If She Doesn’t Spend On You, Spending In A Relationship Shouldn’t Be The Man’s Job” – Lady Sparks Outrage


Twitter user @Tbillion40 urged men to confront and ask their girlfriends if they don’t spend money on them.
During a discussion on this contentious subject, the lady pointed out that money spent in a relationship shouldn’t be left to the man alone, but should be a mutual gesture.

She went on to say that women’s financial insecurities aren’t a valid excuse.

”Guys if your Gf never spend on you, have that conversation with her. Spending in relationship shouldn’t be one sided and Tbvh brokenness is not an excuse.

Leave your gf if she doesn’t spend on you.”

See the tweet below:

See how netizens reacted;

Oscar Romero wrote; It’s troubling how majority of the comments/quotes on this tweet are about how guys should avoid such a conversation If you’re in a relationship with someone but can’t talk about something that bothers you with them, you might as well call it off cos’ you’re deceiving yourselves

Onala Fatoba wrote: Shortcut: don’t date women who are not self sufficient.
Remember, they wouldn’t date you if you are broke.

Uti Uzumaki wrote; I’ll have the conversation when I’m one foot out the door because that will be the end of the relationship

Wrist Watch Plug wrote: No one should have this conversation ever.. if you can understand that giving is necessary, then you discussion will help you do it willingly


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