BBNaija 2021: “I Would Choose Whitemoney As Head of House Because He Is Funny” – Pere Reveals (VIDEO)


Big Brother housemate Pere has revealed that he would choose Whitemoney to be the Head of House because he was enjoyable and fun.

Pere revealed to Big Brother in a diary session that WhiteMoney, as Head of House, brings a unique vibe and sense of humor, and that he doesn’t make the office appear dreary.

Furthermore, he stated that he would choose Angel to be her Deputy Head of House because she has never been in that position since the inception of the show.

“I would have selected WhiteMoney as Head of House. He brought certain humor, and lightness being the Head of House. He didn’t make it heavy unlike what I thought. I would have chosen Angel as deputy Head of House because she has never been in that position before”, he said.

See some reactions below;

Nyizogembi Elizabeth wrote; People and this their strategy of a thing
U think pere is a fool? If he wanted to use strategy, he wouldn’t have done with someone who is also up for eviction Why do u guyz always find joy in twisting his words

Agbafor Tarila wrote: How do some people reason sef ….the guy said he would have chosen white money if it was him ….now both of them are on eviction so how do u think a pure breed WM fan will leave WM and vote pere ..when both are up. So where is the strategy from ..make ona relax and vote ur favorite Biko… #Pereway

Sheik Umarr Bangura wrote; Pere wish to become top 5 Hm finalize. He has noticed that everyone closer to white money Geng, he/she will be voted that’s why he wants to use this strategy to win pite votes from white money Geng 👍. Even when he is trying to mention white money name a wise man can notice that he is faking it to the core


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