Peter Okoye Ponders Why Rich People Don’t Fall During Deliverance Service


Peter Okoye, Mr. P of Psquare fame has pondered on why rich people don’t fall down during deliverance like we usually see poor people doing in churches.

Almost everyone has come across this in churches that do deliverance and mostly is the poor who are in die need of something that always falls down during deliverance service but the rich are hardly seen falling down.

Peter Okoye thinking out loud took to his social media handle to ponder on it saying he’s still wondering why rich people don’t fall down during deliverance service like we mostly see poor people who are in need of something do.

Netizens reacting to his post gave him various reasons why they think the rich don’t fall down during deliverance service like the poor as some think the rich have already been delivered and don’t have demons worrying them like the poor.

Others also think it’s because their money is a strong pillar of support in some churches that is why the pastors don’t bother pushing them as they do to the poor and needy in church during deliverance so they don’t stain their shirts.

This question of Peter Okoye will have a lot of answers depending on the experience of the person replying but for the record, there are some churches that the rich fall down during deliverance service and not only the poor.


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