Uriel Oputa Warns Women Who Send Her Negative Comments Over Her Weight Loss


BBNaija reality show star Uriel Oputa has warned women who come to her DM with negative comments over her weight loss saying if she decides to come for them they know.

Uriel Oputa has been helping women lose weight through what they eat sharing videos of the kind of foods that have helped her lost some weight and looking good but some women are trying to drag her down and she has blown hot about that.

According to her, ever since she started her food weight loss thing on social media, almost all the negative comments she has been receiving are from fellow women and it’s sad how women aren’t supporting each other in the media and everywhere.

Uriel Oputa added that she’s not a doctor, or a nutritionist but has an understanding when it comes to food and that is why instead of going for liposuction, she decided to do it the natural way but still some people are badmouthing her with their negative comments.

She also revealed that a lot of women are always in her DM asking her for ways to eat healthily and lose weight just like her but some also come through with their negative comments when she posts to help those who really need it.

Sometimes, women turn out to be their own problem as taking this issue of Uriel Oputa for instance, what will happen to the women she’s helping if she decides to stop based on the negative comments from women in her DM?


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