Kizz Daniel Excited As His Song Lie Hit 50M Streams On All Platforms Within A Few Weeks


Singer cum songwriter Kizz Daniel is filled with excitement as his latest song Lie hits over 50 million streams on all platforms within a few weeks and is still No. 1 on YouTube.

Kizz Daniel shared on his social media platform appreciating his fans for what they have done as in a month the song Lie has hit over 50 million streams on all platforms and the official video is still the number 1 trending video on YouTube for the past 2 weeks.

According to Kizz Daniel, he has a deep regard for his fans and the love he has for them is forever because just in a month ad he has over 5o million streams on all platforms is to their generosity and how they have fallen in love with the song.

The song Lie is a ‘banger and one of the best songs of Kizz Daniel and we all know when it comes to love songs he is one of the best as almost all his songs sell on their own but unfortunately, he isn’t consistent and doesn’t promote his songs hence he has been underrated.

Fans reacting to his post asked him to be active and be giving them bangers always and they will return the favor by streaming it just as they did for Lie and are still doing since the song speaks about women a lot and guys just love it to express love for their women.

Look what you’ve done with “LIE” in a month 🙏🏽 50million + streams across all platforms, and the official video still number #1 trending video on YouTube since its release 2weeks ago. I have Deep regard for you guys ❤️ Forever. We go again next month



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