Why I Insulted a Fan in the Airport – Real Warri Pikin Finally Speaks


Real Warri Pikin has told Genevieve Magazine why she let it out on a rude fan who bumped into her at the airport not too long ago.

When asked by Genevieve Magazine, “Do you have moments where you are overwhelmed by the lack of privacy, and what gets you through those moments?”, Real Warri Pikin responded saying:

I will give you an incident. I went to Lagos last week for an event by IK Osakioduwa. I was one of the comedians contacted to perform, mine was to be the last one on Monday. I got to Lagos on Sunday, and on Monday I got backstage and I could not perform, I broke down. I was rushed to a private hospital and I was on admission for three days.

What I went to do in Lagos, I could not do it, so when I was at the airport going back home, I was sad, I was regretting making the trip, my husband was worried, my kids wanted to talk to me, I had not rested after my show, my mind was just heavy with thoughts.

Dealing with all that in the airport, this girl walks up to me and is being completely insensitive, and emotionally unintelligent and she goes, ‘laugh now’. I told her off. She saw my countenance and though I snapped a picture with her, I told her I would not [laugh]. I would not fake a smile. She insults me and I insult her back.

Even before this incident there was a time I had to cease the phone of a fan.

Before I became Real Warri Pikin, I have been a fan of celebrities. There was a time I saw Tiwa Savage at the airport but when I studied her countenance I knew she was not up for engagement so I just waved from where I was.

I do understand that these people love me, but people need to understand we are human beings, if you see me out there [being] quiet, just allow me.

Another thing is people want me to always have that energy they see in my videos, so they do not appreciate when I just wave or smile, no they want me to jump and laugh and I am not that person. They keep expecting me to be on, and that is not realistic.


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