I Don’t Have To Break My Back To Get What I Want’ – BBNaija’s Vee, Probes Why People Romanticize Struggle


Reality TV star, singer, and television presenter, Victoria Adeleye simply known as Vee has taken to the streets of Instagram to probe why people romanticize struggle.

Vee does not subscribe to the notion or school of thought that one must struggle or go through a series of difficulties before attaining his or her life’s goals and dreams.

Part of her Instagram post reads; ‘ I don’t have to break my back to get the things I desire’

Her assertion was heavily supported by most Instagram users but some also maintained that not everybody was born with silver spoon in his mouth.

Read some comments her post generated below;

If you are at that point you have to struggle, you gotta struggle. Not everyone was born with a silver spoon and while some people have things easy some people actually have to work hard and even extra hard. Struggling is no bad thing it’s just a phase.


I believe that your life is the sum total of your thoughts and beliefs about life. If you were taught that life will be a struggle, every experience you have will be framed within this thinking. Instead of being open-minded about what life throws at you, you will automatically be expecting bad things to happen


Seriously the way Africans normalizes suffering as the only way to success is something that will never sit right with me…like why must I have to suffer and struggle bfur I succeed?…hurrrkkkk🙄


Let’s not also forget the way they always say “you no suffer reach me” like there’s an award for person wey suffer pass😂



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